Welcome to the OMLC Candidate Assessment Centre

Congratulations! You are making a very important step for your future working life and your career – regardless of your previous work experience and education.

We have training and certification programs for a number of specific jobs in advanced manufacturing. These jobs are described below, and you will be able to start the application process to your preferred job(s).

Here is what you can expect in this process:

  • First, you'll be asked some information about you, and then if you meet the pre-qualification requirements (e.g., age, citizenship status, residency, etc.), you can proceed by participating in an on-line measure of some of your current capabilities.
  • We have designed these measures of your current capabilities to be relevant to the jobs you are interested in, to help you understand your current capabilities better and learn which jobs would fit you well.
  • This assessment process is fair and objective, which means that if it shows that a particular job would fit you well, you will probably do well in the learning program and be successful in the job.
  • In the on-line assessment exercises, there will be example questions to show you how a test works and to let you practice.
  • If this assessment process shows that your current capabilities are a good fit with one or more of these jobs, we will invite you for an in-person interview – or by telephone if you are not near one of our recruiting centres.

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